FollowBack Unfollow people who don't follow you back
Friendships are a two-way street FollowBack automatically unfollows people for you.
What is FollowBack? FollowBack is the easy way to automatically unfollow people who don't follow you back. Simply enter a username and FollowBack will automatically follow the specified user. If the user doesn't follow you back within a week, the app will automatically unfollow the user for you. Why FollowBack? In the world of social media, follower counts mean everything. People tend to respect accounts that have a large number of followers. Because of this, many people try to gain followers without following back. We believe that relationships are a two-way street. FollowBack keeps your social relationships mutual and ensures that you will not get taken advantage of.


Enter a username to automatically follow a user.


FollowBack will check if the user has followed you back within a week.


If the user hasn't followed back, FollowBack will automatically unfollow them for you.