Storyline Take control of your timeline
Social media can be overwhelming Storyline helps you digest your feed quickly.
What is Storyline? Storyline is a new way to view your Twitter home timeline. With Storyline, you can quickly catch up with social news on-the-go. Storyline pulls tweets from the past 24 hours and filters out irrelevant content such as retweets. The app then clusters tweets by user, allowing you to swipe through all of a user's tweets at once. This prevents one user from blowing up your timeline and also lets you view someone's timeline as a chronological storyline. Once you view a tweet it disappears, allowing you to eventually reach "Social Media Zero". You can also sort your Storyline and can even view Instagram content directly within the app. Why Storyline? Social media can be a real hassle to keep up with. Unless you take the time to refresh your feed all day, there's a good chance you'll miss out on something important. Storyline's patent-pending process breaks down your infinite social stream into smaller, more digestible pieces of content. With Storyline there are no distractions. Once you view a tweet, it disappears from the app forever. This helps you get caught up with your feed - something we call "Social Media Zero". By hitting "Social Media Zero" you know that you're caught up with social news and can continue on with your day.


Storyline filters out the noise and delivers you the recent and relevant content you care about.


Don't let someone blow up your timeline. With Storyline, tweets are grouped by user, allowing you to swipe through a specific user's tweets.


Content disappears after you view it. Get caught up with your social news and then go on with your day.